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Chinese Rug Cleaning Bay Ridge

chinese rug cleaner Bay Ridge

What Carpet Cleaning Bay Ridge Offer?

Cleaning a Chinese rug is not easy to do in your home. Our rug cleaning process is the result of years of experience and leaning how to clean a rug the proper way.

  • 1. First we give your rug a thorough inspection. We want to know what condition the rug is in and the best and safest cleaning process.
  • 2. Providing a through clean. Our cleaning specialists does not go over the rugs once, they go over it many times to ensure that the stains and dirt are thoroughly removed. Here’s what we specialize on:
    • Hand washing of delicate rugs
    • Stain Removal including wine and coffee
    • Removal of pet odor
    • Removal of pet stains
    • Expert repair department
    • Fringe replacement

Carpet Cleaning Bay Ridge is the premiere service Chinese rug cleaning in Bay Ridge that provides great service and affordable rug cleaning services.

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