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Oriental Rug Cleaning Bay Ridge

Why Carpet Cleaning Bay Ridge?

Carpet Cleaning Bay Ridge offers our clients a staff of experienced Oriental rug cleaners and a state of the art rug cleaning factory in Brooklyn. If your rug needs repairs, we have a full rug repair workshop and provide all types of repair and restoration from fringe replacement, repairing rips, to color restoration. No other company can match our extensive range for services for Oriental rug cleaning in Bay Ridge.

How Do We Clean Your Oriental Rug

Our four stage cleaning process will make your rug look clean and fresh.

  • 1. Inspection. All rugs are different and it is important to know how the rug was made. Before we do any cleaning we carefully inspect the rug and see if there is any condition like urine that could effect the rug during cleaning. We then create a custom cleaning process that will give the rug its optimal cleaning without causing any damage to it.
  • 2 Dusting. Our professional dusting machine will remove any loose dust on the rug fiber. Because of the thick pile in many Oriental rugs, this can amount to several pounds of dust!
  • 3. Pool Cleaning.. The only thoroughly clean an Oriental rug is by soaking the rug in a cleaning solution. Our green cleaning solutions loosen dust, stains and odors from the rug fiber and then we hand brush the rug to remove them the rug for good. When you see your rug after cleaning, you will be amazed at how great it looks when the dust and grime are removed from the fibers.
  • 4. Drying. Once we’re done cleaning your rugs, we rinse to rug to get rid of any dirty water and then place your rug in our powerful spin dryers. Our spin dryers remove up to 95% of the water which means your rugs dries quickly and mold will not grow in the rug.

These are the steps that we undertake to convey the proper care for your priceless Oriental rugs.

Are You Convinced Yet?

No other company can match our rug cleaning process. Call us and we can give you a free quote and even arrange for a free on-site quote by one of our staff. We are always happy to answer all your questions.