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Mattress Cleaning Bay Ridge

During our life we will spend about one-third of our life on a mattress. Even though we spend years of our life on a mattresses, many people do not realize the important of keeping it clean and free of odors that can give you a poor night's sleep.

The Key to a Great Sleep

It is hard to sleep on a dirty mattress. A dirty mattress can have stains and odors that make your sleep uncomfortable. Plus a dirty mattress can attract bed bugs and other pests.

When you call us to cleaning your mattress, we use our advanced Eco-friendly cleaning that process that will clean and sanitize your mattress without the use of harsh cleaning chemicals:

  • Steam and Shampoo Cleaning – Because Carpet Cleaning Bay Ridge uses advanced cleaning machines, your mattress will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Our powerful machines will inject our green cleaning solution into the mattress and then lift if up using our powerful vacuum machines. In a few hours your mattress will be dry and ready for use.
  • Stain and odor removal – Mattresses often have stains and odors that requires a specialized cleaning solution. Our Eco-friendly enzyme cleaners break down stains and odors for a spotless clean. Meanwhile, blood stains come off with a specialized solution that breaks down the stains’ proteins, ensuring that no stain would be left behind.

Carpet Cleaning Bay Ridge is the leader in the mattress cleaning in Bay Ridge since 1990. Our two decades of excellent service has made us the most trusted carpet and rug cleaning company in Bay Ridge. So if you have mattresses that need urgent cleaning, call us now and let our experienced staff do all the work!