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Wool Rug Cleaning Bay Ridge

wool rug cleaner Bay Ridge

Our Wool Rug Cleaning Process

Once we pick up your wool rug, it goes straight to our rug cleaning facility in Brooklyn to undergo our advanced rug cleaning process:

  • First, we inspect your rug and look for any conditions that can cause a problem during the cleaning such as urine, which can cause color run. If there is urine, we will add a special color protectant that will stabilize the dyes in a rug.
  • Dusting is the next step to remove loose soil. A wool rug can hold up to several pounds of dust in its pile and we want to get rid of dust and dirt before we place it in our immersive cleaning pools.
  • Full immersive cleaning means placing your rug in a rug cleaning pool with our green cleaning solution and hand brush the rug to work the detergent deep in the pile. This is the most effective method to clean a wool rug as it lets the cleaning detergent penetrate into the rug pile and lift out the embedded dust and remove stains and odors. After washing we rinse the rug to flush out the dirty water. You will be amazed at how great your rug looks after the grime is removed from the rug fibers.
  • Dry Cleaning is suitable for highly-sensitive wool rugs with backings that can be damaged during soaking. This method utilizes Eco-friendly encapsulation cleaning solution that traps the soil and is then vacuumed off the rug.

Service You Can Trust

Carpet Cleaning Bay Ridge has 20 years of experience in professional rug and carpet cleaning. We only use green seal certified products, so that all of our products and services are environment-friendly.

With over two decades of experience in removing tough stains while ensuring the safety of your rugs, only Carpet Cleaning Bay Ridge can deliver the best service at the most affordable price for wool rug cleaning in Bay Ridge. Call us now for all your wool rug cleaning problems, and we’ll give your rug the cleaning service that it deserves.